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How to reverse a string?

Below is an example code that reverse a string. Here we use a StringBuffer.reverse() method to reverse a string. In a 1.5 version a new class called StringBuilder also has a reverse() method that do just the same, one of the difference is StringBuffer class is synchronized while StringBuilder class does not.

Beside using this simple method you can try to reverse a string by converting it to character array and then reverse the array order. So here is the string reverse in the StringBuffer way.

package com.javacoderanch.example.lang;

public class StringReverseExample
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // The normal sentence that is going to be reversed.
        String words = "Morning of The World - The Last Paradise on Earth";
        // To reverse the string we can use the reverse() method in the 
        // StringBuffer class. The reverse() method returns a StringBuffer so
        // we need to call the toString() method to get a string object.
        String reverse = new StringBuffer(words).reverse().toString();
        // Print the normal string
        System.out.println("Normal : " + words);
        // Print the string in reversed order
        System.out.println("Reverse: " + reverse);

And below is the result.

Normal : Morning of The World - The Last Paradise on Earth
Reverse: htraE no esidaraP tsaL ehT - dlroW ehT fo gninroM