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How to use LineNumberReader class to read file?



public class LineNumberReaderExample
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
        // In this example we use LineNumberReader class to read file contents.
        // try to do here is to get the line number of the read data. Instead
        // of introducing another variable; an integer for instance; to keep
        // track the line number we can utilize the LineNumberReader class. 
        // This class offers the getLineNumber() method the know the current
        // line of the data that is read.
        File file = null;
        FileReader fr = null;
        LineNumberReader lnr = null;

            // We'll read a file called student.csv that contains our student
            // information data.
            file = new File("student.csv");
            // To create the FileReader we can pass in our student data file
            // to the reader. Next we pass the reader into our LineNumberReader
            // class.
            fr = new FileReader(file);            
            lnr = new LineNumberReader(fr);
            // If we set the line number of the LineNumberReader here we'll
            // got the line number start from the defined line number + 1

            String line = "";            
            while ((line = lnr.readLine()) != null)
                // We print out the student data and show what line is currently
                // read by our program.
                System.out.println("Line Number " + lnr.getLineNumber() + ": " + line);                
        } finally
            // Don't forget to close the stream when we finish reading the file.
            if (fr != null)
            if (lnr != null)